Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is for this website [] as well as the Decodemoji conversational bot built on top of Facebook's Messenger platform [], []. The policy sets out the different areas where user privacy is concerned, and describes the ways in which Decodemoji processes, stores, and protects user data.

The Website

Decodemoji collects no information about you, and stores nothing that you enter. It's pretty simple. As much as we love your emoji tales and the creative interpretations we send back to you, you can keep them to yourself .

We are building a 'Recent Emojis' feature (but haven't launched it yet) that will save the last 10 emojis you type in a cookie on your browser. This is to make your emoji decoding experience smoother -- we all know you love using the , the , and a couple others again and again. Even when we launch this, we will save nothing, and the "recents" will be stored only on your end. And even if you turn off cookies or opt-out of this feature, you'll still be able to have a blast on Decodemoji.

Just more thing. You'll notice the blue 'like', 'message', and 'share' buttons in the middle at the top of this page. Those are Facebook social plugins. When you click one of them, it means you are liking Decodemoji on facebook, messaging the Decodemoji bot on facebook, or sharing Decodemoji on your timeline. You may be asked to log in to Facebook as a part of this process, note that Decodemoji has nothing to do with this and does not see any of the data you provide during login or during the subsequent liking / sharing / messaging.

The Decodemoji Bot

The bot is built on top of Facebook Messenger, which means all messages, photos, Gifs, Emojis, literally EVERYTHING that you send to the bot gets stored on Facebook's servers. Nothing gets stored on Decodemoji's end. All we do is provide an intelligent set of natural-language generation algorithms, top them up with some conversational skills, and serve them to you as an entity on Facebook that you can message with and hear back from in real time.

Each message you send to the Decodemoji bot begins its journey on Facebook's servers. It is then temporarily sent to Decodemoji, where it is translated and sent back to Facebook's servers and then stored in your messages history (on Facebook). Decodemoji does not save any of the messages it translates, and it ignores / throws away all the attachments it receives.

The Decodemoji bot is integrated with the Decodemoji Facebook Page ( As is the case with all Pages on Facebook, administrators of the Decodemoji Page will have access to the messages the page has received and will be able to reply to messages manually in the case where a user asks a question via the page rather than attempting an emoji translation.

Decodemoji follows all privacy rules and guidelines set by Facebook's policies for conversational interfaces built using the Facebook Messenger API. This includes the fact that Decodemoji will never send marketing or promotional communications to Facebook users that have messaged the page; no data that sits on the Facebook Messenger platform will ever be taken out of the platform; users' Facebook profiles will never be stored by Decodemoji or shared with any 3rd-parties.